Corrosion Management Training

Since its advent in early 2000’s in the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry, the demand for corrosion management applications has been constantly rising, both within the hydrocarbon industry and the non-hydrocarbon industries. Accordingly, the demand for corrosion management training for the pertinent site personnel and managers has been constantly increasing.

Thus, asset corrosion management training courses are offered for both the hydrocarbon and the non-hydrocarbon industries by Ali Morshed (PhD, CEng, MSc, DIC). Ali has authored some of the main corrosion management reference books for both industries and has been providing corrosion management training for the hydrocarbon industry since 2005 and for the non-hydrocarbon industry since 2016.

His training courses are regularly being updated to keep pace with his site visits and corrosion management implementation projects and lessons learnt therein. There are very few individuals internationally who can match his track record in terms of the number of corrosion management training courses offered so far.

Corrosion Management Audits

Corrosion management audits are another component of corrosion management services where the main intention is to determine the gap between an incumbent corrosion management system and the ideal situation.

A corrosion management audit often begins with visiting the site and completing a corrosion management questionnaire by the relevant site managers (e.g., the inspection, integrity and operations) plus Ali Morshed. Once completed the questionnaire would help Ali to draw a more comprehensive picture of the existing corrosion management system or components. Thereafter, he would devise a plan regarding how the existing corrosion management system could be further enhanced and rendered more efficient.

Corrosion Management Consultancy

Corrosion management consultancy services are most effective when the pertinent site personnel and their management have already undergone the required asset corrosion management training. The main objectives of corrosion management consultancy services are to:

·   To enable individuals to plan, design and utilise various corrosion management tools such as corrosion control matrices, corrosion key performance indicators, risk-based inspections, corrosion rate monitoring and fluid sampling, anomalies and communication

·       To enhance an organisation’s corrosion failure pre-emption capability

·       To optimise corrosion and integrity costs

·       To improve personnel safety, environmental protection and operational functionality

·       To optimise repair, replacement and maintenance activities


Scope of Corrosion Management Services

Our corrosion management services cover both the hydrocarbon and the non-hydrocarbon industries. For the former all three sectors of upstream, midstream and downstream are covered. For the latter, the industries covered include:

·       Marine

·       Military

·       Nuclear

·       Water and Waste Water Management

·       Power & Utilities

·       Chemicals